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We're so glad you've stopped by our website, which will be the MAIN source for the very latest updates during this challenging time. All the latest updates will be posted first here. Please check it daily for the latest info.

Today our pastor begins a series of sermons on the history of the Christian church. It will be a mix of studying Scripture, church history, and applications for today's Christians. We encourage you to read the assigned chapter from a  book entitled The Great Controversy after each weekly message, since this will benefit you greatly. You can access the audio version of the weekly chapter here. If you prefer reading the chapter, click here.

We have now opened the church for our weekly church service on Sabbath mornings at 10:45 am. We will also continue our services on Zoom. You may also attend our Sabbath Vespers and Wednesday night Prayer Meeting at our church facility, but Zoom is still an option (see below).  All other meetings will only be on Zoom. If you are joining us via Zoom for the Sabbath morning Sabbath School and Service, please take note of the fact that you are now required to enter a password. You will find the password below and in the email/text message sent out to most previous attendees.

Last Sabbath's Service and Sermon

Great Children's Resources

How can I continue to return my tithe and offerings?

Here are some easy options:

  • Put a check in the mail made out to “Three Angels Seventh-day Adventist Church” or, if you are a Newton member, to "Newton Seventh-day Adventist Church". If you don't have tithe envelopes, please be sure to indicate what is tithe and what is offering.

  • Give online by clicking here.
  • Give via the AdventistGiving app. Set up is easy and you can use it on any device.

Daily Video Devotional Talks

You will find short video devotional talks (Monday - Thursday) by pastor Birger Draget under the top menu item entitled 'Devotion' on this website. These are also posted on the church's Facebook page. Here's the last devotional uploaded:

October 24

Sabbath School – 9:00 am (Password: 182195)

There will be at least one adult class and one youth/young adult class, depending on attendance. When you "arrive", you will be directed to the right class. If you don't have access to the internet, dial 253-215-8782 on your phone. When prompted, dial 901-763-226-# (meeting ID). Then, if prompted to enter participant ID, just press #.

Adult Sabbath School Quarterlies: If you have access to the internet, you can download an electronic copy of the adult quarterly lessons here. If you prefer a hard copy, you are welcome to stop by the church tomorrow (April 11), 4:30-6 pm, or Sunday (April 12) 10 am - Noon, to pick up your copy.

Worship Service – 11:00 am (Password: 182195)

The same link as for the Sabbath School classes. If you did not attend Sabbath School, you can use the same link or phone number to join our church fellowship. If you don't have access to the internet, dial 253-215-8782 on your phone. When prompted, dial 901-763-226-# (meeting ID). Then, if prompted to enter participant ID, just press #.

You are also welcome to attend our church service at 4558 North Hydraulic, Wichita at 10:45 am. Here are the restrictions for those choosing this option:

  1. Temperature check at the door
  2. Required mask indoors  
  3. Six feet social distancing between households
  4. Church Sanctuary only
  5. Very soft singing
  6. No socializing indoors before, during, and after the meetings
  7. No fellowship meal
  8. If anyone in the family is sick, the whole family should stay home
  9. Only the bathrooms in the Fellowship Hall and the foyer will be in use, since the entire education/office wing of the church is blocked off
  10. Sabbath School at 9:00 AM on Zoom only for adults/youth & young adults while children's Sabbath School classes will be scattered through the day. If you have not been contacted by your child's Sabbath School teacher, please let us know.

Additionally, the service will again be transmitted live on our radio station (101.7 FM) at 11:00 am Sabbath morning - and a a video recording of the sermon will be available on our website in the afternoon.

Vespers - 5:30 pm. (We are meeting at the church, but with a Zoom option. No Password needed)

We will continue out trip through the Lineage video series.

Sunday, October 25

Elders' Meeting - 8:00 am (No password needed)

Church Board Meeting - 9:00 am (No password needed)

School Board - 11:00 am (No password needed)

Hope Awakens Community - 6:30 pm (No Password needed)

Wednesday, October 28

Midweek Prayer Meeting - 7:00 pm. (We are meeting at the church, but with a Zoom option. No Password needed)

This meeting includes testimonies, praises, prayer requests and the study of Psalm 119,  followed by a time of prayer.

Friday, October 30

AY Meeting - 5:00 pm

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Pastor Birger Draget
Wichita Three Angels SDA Church


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  • Sabbath School: 9:30 a.m. via Zoom (see above)
  • Worship Service: 10:45 a.m. via Zoom (see above) 



To have a world-impacting local presence that reflects the mission of Revelation 14, urging preparation for Christ’s soon return by fostering the development of Christ’s character and proclaiming the Three Angels’ messages.


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