Ministry Opportunities

We need your help!

“As each one has received a gift, minister it to one another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.” – 1 Peter 1:10

Ask the Lord, “What shall I do, Lord?” – Acts 10:22

How you can be involved:

God's Closet

This service provides children’s clothing to anyone who has a need.  It is held four times a year.  Volunteers are needed for sorting clothing the week prior, and on distribution day.  Volunteers are also needed to help with the children’s corner during the event, as well as putting the clothes away after each event.  We are accepting children’s clothing donations. Contact Veronica Jenkins.  Click here for the website.


We Care Ministry

Offer the ministry of presence and encouragement through visiting (in person or by phone) those unable to attend services or battling illness. This ministry is powerful and under-appreciated! Talk to Diane MacLachlan.


GLOW Literature Distribution

Share Bible truth through the printed page. Keep them handy in your car, purse or on your desk. Be creative. Get the word out! Get your GLOW supply in the lobby or church office. Talk to Evonia Martin.


Transportation Ministry

There are several who would love to fellowship with us, but for various reasons need transportation. Simply offering a ride is a great outreach! Talk to the Pastor.  The church also has two busses that could use drivers to help drive people to and from church – one requires CDL while the other does not.  Talk to Ray Royal if you can help.


The Lord's Food Pantry

Food is a necessity of life. For some of us, access to food is taken for granted. However, for others, access to food can become a crisis. This ministry seeks to be prepared for and help to meet those crisis moments in the lives of those around us. Contact Minnie Brown.


CHEC Wellness

This ministry offers a great meal and sound advice on living healthy and happy lives. We could use your help with food preparation, healthy recipe demonstrations, registration, set up and clean up.  If you're interested in helping as support staff – and getting a great meal, too, talk with Kevin Bryant. 


Personal Bible Studies / Small Group Bible Studies

If you'd like to share your faith in an exciting, practical way, give a Bible study or host a Bible Study Group at your home! Various resources are available, including the Thunder in the Holy Land video series hosted by our pastor. If interested, talk to the Pastor.


Church Building Maintenance

If you have handyman skills, we could use your help!  Anyone with skills along the line of plumbing, electrical, building, or general handyman work, the church needs you!  There is much to do to keep a large building functional.  Contact Ray Royal.


Church Grounds Maintenance

There is always work to do to keep the landscaping looking nice, such as pulling weeds in the rock beds and gardens, and trimming bushes.  Contact Josephine Tan if you can help.


Church School

Volunteers are needed to keep our church school looking nice.  We need help with landscaping such as weeding the rock beds and trimming the bushes.  Contact Allayne Martsching.



There is always a need for help in serving food to our guests, whether at fellowship meals or special events, such as evangelistic meetings.  Contact Rita Parker if you can help with this.


 In-home Hospitality

We need people to open up their homes for housing visiting speakers and musical groups when needed.  Contact Gean Draget.


 Vacation Bible School

This is a yearly outreach program where we reach out to the community to teach children about Jesus.  Contact Brenda Christensen if you can help. 



This is an SDA Christian scouts program.  If you can help, contact Allayne Martsching.



If you like to sing and can sing in tune, you can join the choir!  Call our church office at (316) 831-0030.



We could use more help in our audio-visual department.  This would include managing the microphones during church programs, and videotaping/editing our services.  Contact Samuel Williams.


Work Bees

Several times a year we organize work bees where we deep clean and organize inside and outside the church.  We could use everyone’s help.  Contact Thomas Heath or Diane MacLachlan. 


Website Management

Contact Samuel Williams if you are a web whiz or you want to learn – and want to help.


Secretarial work

There is work to do to keep the office organized, stocked, and running smoothly. Contact Allayne Martsching if you want to help with this.


Church Pew Ministry

If yo want to help stocking with sanctuary pews with tithe envelopes, response cards, and sharpened pencils, talk to Diane MacLachlan.


We could use help keeping the church library organized.  Contact Gean Draget.


If you can help with our radio station, contact Michael Wilson


Giving of Funds

If you would like to donate funds to help with the many ministries of the church, contact Marvin Martsching.


 Evangelistic Meetings

We need your help with upcoming evangelistic meetings.  There is work to do in promoting the meetings, such as putting up flyers and posters all over Wichita, praying, inviting your friends, neighbors, and family, and being at the meetings to set up, greet, help with childcare, help with sound system, help with refreshments, minister to our guests, and support the meetings by your attendance. 


Orchard/Gardening Project

We have seven acres of land connected to our church, which we would love to see transformed into a beautiful orchard with winding paths for walking, lovely flowers, and a plot for a community garden where our neighbors can have a piece of ground to grow their own food with our help and support.  We need funds to dig a well for this project, as well as fruit trees.  We also need those with gardening expertise to help plan and make this project a reality, and be a support to our friends in the community as they cultivate a garden to help feed their families.  If you can help, contact Gean Draget.


Mother's Room Attendants

We are so happy to have parents with children worship with us, and sometimes they use the Mother's room during services.  We need help in keeping this room orderly by picking up quiet books, crayons, etc., after each service and arranging them in the designated cupboard.  Also, there are cribs and small beds in the room, and we need someone to take the used blankets and sheets home and launder them, then fold them and put them back in the linen closet in the Mother's Room.  It would be such a help to our young parents for someone to do this task!  Contact Esther Baierl if you would like to help.


Prayer Ministry

Prayer is the underpinning of any and all the ministries of our church. Jesus said, "For without Me, you can do nothing." We are told to "pray withouth ceasing", 1 Thess. 5:17. God gives the power, both to will, and to do, His good pleasure. Phil 2:13.

As we spend time in prayer, both privately and in prayer meetings, God will work miracles in our hearts and lives, and will give us the wisdom, skill, energy, and resources, to work for Him. Satan will try to stop us with discouragements and doubts, but let us keep moving forward in faith, claiming His promises to help us in fulfilling His plan for Three Angels Church to be a light on a hill in Wichita, taking His message of hope and love to those who dwell in darkness.

Other Ministries